Event description

Everything in life needs time. As a resource, time is valuable and insufficient; unlike materials and knowledge, time cannot be bought, sold or stored … and it is absolutely irreplaceable. Often times, as managers we invest the majority of our time in endless meetings, in solving crises and problems arising suddenly and less in searching for and taking advantage of development opportunities.

What is it?

A simulation which reveals the limitations each participant has in terms of time management. By means of feedback, teamwork and training in this field, the participant can become aware of his limitations and he/she acquires productive organisation techniques.

Who is it for?

For top and middle managers, for employees who seek productive organisation techniques.

What do you learn?

To harmonize personal objectives with departmental and organisational ones;

To set priorities correctly: the Important vs. Urgent matrix;

To eliminate time eaters;

To delegate responsibilities and cooperate.

The ability to say ”No” to tasks with low importance level;

To have effective meetings;

To plan tactical/strategic time;

To identify similar activities, to group them and perform them sequentially;

To achieve results in all fields of accountability.

Why participate?

This intensive course focuses on time management methods – The Time Matrix. Setting your priorities in accordance with the objectives, delegating, request support and managing unpredictable situations and time-wasters are the key to a productive daily activity.


Two days




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09:00 - 09:30