Event description

When the business context is a difficult one, you need your people to have a constructive thinking and to act firmly. Can you be sure that your employees understand what your organization is confronting with and what is the best way to approach this situation? This Celemi business simulation is an experience which challenges your people to explore the market conditions and to find the best solution.

What is it?

Performance is a case study split on three topics: the market conditions assessment (what decisions should you make in order to be profitable), the analyse of the clients, the prioritization of your needs, setting the strategy (ways to gain time and attract the right clients).

Who is it for?

All the employers and employees who want to understand the market conditions and what is the road to success for your organization.

What do you learn? 

To use a structure for your strategic planning sessions.

Strategic challenges and the best way to act.

To use a platform to communicate how the actual initiatives align with the general strategy.


o Product life cycle

o Revolutionary technologies

o Sustainability

o The markets with optimized production

Market strategies

o Market studies

o The operations’ efficiency

Organizational structure

oThe chain of suppliers

o Customer strategy

o Services with add value

The customer’s needs and preferences

o Clients studies

o Clients segmentation


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09:00 - 17:00