Event description

What Is It?

An intensive training that will teach you the principles of powerful negotiations, on a WIN/WIN base. The training focuses on identifying and resolving the factors that lead to errors and judgement mistakes in negotiations, and teaches the strategies of persuasion and personal influence. Negotiations are as changeable as human behaviour is. And, as human behaviour, it is almost impossible to predict a success formula that will apply in all situations. This training is not about tips and tricks in negotiation, but about the fundamental dynamics of negotiation. By understanding that, you will be able to isolate the frequent mistakes that lead to unsuccessful transactions  and to make decisions based on solid business principles.

Who Is It For?

Sales managers and coordinators, sales teams. The training is recommended for anybody in the company that might be engaged in negotiation situations

What Do You Learn?

The principles of personal influence and persuasion
How to identify and isolate the most frequent errors that determine negotiation failure
Learn the method to defeat irrationality in negotiations
How to prepare and structure a negotiation
How to close a negotiation and follow-up on the results

Why Participate?

Although, theoretically, nobody should lose in a negotiated contract it happens very often that people accept deals that work against their own interests. Why is that? Because we make mistakes, allowing emotions or irrelevant events to influence our better judgment. This training will teach how to avoid those mistakes.


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