Event description

Customers are a company’s most important “asset”. Regardless of how well-organised the manufacturinglines, human resources management, the supply and financial systems may be, the company’s assets areworth nothing without customers.

What is it?

An intensive training which concentrate on the main priority: to win and keep the customer. Winning customers is done with promises. Keeping customers is done by satisfying needs. Considering that business relations are, first of all, inter-human relations, being oriented towards solving customer issues is the solution in performing a profitable activity.

Who is it for?

Customer service teams, beginner and intermediate level.

What do you learn?

The fundamental elements of customer service quality;

What poor quality service, good quality service and excellent quality service mean from the customer’s perspective;

A series of principles and attitudes appropriate for the best customer experience.


• Customer satisfaction VS loyalty;

• The golden rule: “To do more than what the customer asked for.”;

• 20 principles of excellent customer service;

• 20 forbidden phrases in communicating with customers;

• Good service practices in creating excellent experiences for customers.


Two days




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09:00 - 09:30