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In theory, nobody loses in a negotiated deal. There is no reason whatsoever for anyone to accept a contract disadvantaging him/her more than the situation before the closing of the contract. But, in reality, people often accept deals against their own interests. Why is that happening? Because we make mistakes. We process information in a wrong way or we allow emotions or irrelevant facts to cloud our judgement. Error in reasoning undermines our success innegotiations.

What is it?

A program focused on understanding the fundamentals of the negotiation’s dynamics. These basic notions will help you to isolate the tendencies and frequent errors which lead to failed transactions and you will succeed in basing your decisions on solid business principles.

Who is it for?

Sales deparment

What do you learn?

The win-win concept in a negotiation relationship;

How to identify situations with negotiation potential and prepare the negotiation plan;

To adopt a negotiation style that is suitable for the respective situation and communication that is

appropriate for the negotiation type;

The negotiation tactics, tricks and techniques, as well as the ways to counteract;

To identify the main and most frequent errors causing failure of negotiations;

Methods to fight irrationality in negotiations;


• Rational principles

– Distributive Negotiation

– Integrative Negotiation

• Irrational tendencies

– Unrealistic expectations

– Escalating commitments

– High competitiveness

– Anchors

• Setting and application of BATNA (Best Agreement To a Negotiated Alternative)

• 25 Strategies and tactics.

• Structure of constructive negotiations: Preparation, Bargaining, Agreement


Two days




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09:00 - 09:30